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Bhakti Bliss

Shakti Yoga Academy
Yoga Teacher Training Retreat

at Blue Osa Resort, Costa Rica

Summer 2020

May 23 – June 6

Teachers: Andie Chiasson, ERYT-200
& Sarah Zimmer, ERYT-200


Local Hybrid YTT-200

Mentored by
Shakti Yoga Academy

20 Hour Online Learning Component


Your 180 contact hours mentored by Shakti Yoga Academy, at our studio.


Remote Hybrid YTT-200

Mentored by Your Certified Yoga Teacher Anywhere in the World!

20 Hour Online Learning Component


Your 180 contact hours mentored by your favorite, Yoga Alliance certified teacher.


Yoga For Life

  • Practice

  • Education

  • Training

  • Certification

  • Retreats

  • Business


Calling All Yoga Teachers

Offer your students a Yoga Alliance certification, and mentor them through their 180 contact hours.

If you’re an RYT-200, we’ll certify your students through our 20 hour Remote Hybrid curriculum, delivered online through our learning portal, and they can do their 180 contact hours with you. Contact us to learn more or to get your students signed up.

Thank you for visiting our new website, which we are diligently building this very moment. New features will be coming online very quickly, including our new online yoga teacher training portal where our Hybrid YTT allows you to take our 20 hour curriculum online, and do your 180 studio hours with any Yoga Alliance certified teacher anywhere in the world.

There will be a lot happening here. If you’d like to be kept updated on exactly when our courses will be coming online, and when other yoga retreats are scheduled, join our monthly newsletter.


EverLimitless is — both on location and online — a yoga practice studio, a yoga teacher education and certification center, and a yoga business consultancy. Teacher trainings are conducted through our registered yoga school, Shakti Yoga Academy.

The purpose of EverLimitless is to be a conduit for the greater yoga community of this world, and to foster greater connectivity between yoga teachers and practitioners otherwise separated geographically.

If you would like to more information, please contact Andie Chiasson at [email protected] or call (985) 688-2040.


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