International Coffee Day and Yoga…?

International Coffee Day and Yoga…?

“Universe, please grant me coffee to change the things I can and yoga to accept the things I can’t.” 

Y’all, if yoga has taught me anything, it’s how we can take mundane things and make them magical. When I think about the yoga lifestyle- I think about mindfulness and gratitude. 

But- what does this have to do with coffee? Let’s take your basic morning cup of joe and make it magical with a mediation that takes less than a minute. 

Morning Coffee Meditation: 


Step 1: 

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Take a deep breath as you watch the steam rise in a stream. 

Step 2: 

Before you take your first sip, take a moment to close your eyes and set an intention or prayer for your day. Maybe it sounds something like


… “Today,  I will practice more patience.” or “Today, I will remain present in each moment.” 

Step 3: 

Hold the coffee cup in both hands up to your lips. Feel the warmth of the cup on your hands. Breath in the smell of the coffee grounds. As you take your first sip, close your eyes and feel the warmth as it travels down your throat and warms your soul. Be mindful of the intention as you drink the magical liquid that brings you to life. 


It’s really that simple to bring mindful meditative practices into your daily experiences. Happy International Coffee Day! Enjoy.