Welcome to Module 1! Copy

Welcome to Module 1! The first half of this journey we will ask you to hone in on your yoga practice and dive deeper into your personal connection with those elements. Throughout this process we will ask you to spend time on your mat for asana practices and in meditation every single day. It is important that you begin integrating these practices into your daily life if you aren’t already doing so. Don’t worry, these do not have to be hour long practices (although they can be if you’d like), but rather we want you to explore the way the shapes feel in your body to begin to develop a deeper understanding of this part of the practice.

The latter half is where we will begin our teaching practice.

We’re so excited for you to begin this first module. We’re starting off with some fundamentals and really focusing on practicing elements of asana, meditation and more.

In this module you will find a welcome video, a meditation, some short asana practices and videos on introductory yoga anatomy as well as your homework assignments for this month.

Please make sure you thumb through and get familiar with your manual. It will be your main resource through this journey. In addition, make sure you read the “what to expect” document as you get started.