More Than Just an Asana Practice


More Than Just an Asana Practice

Asana . . . the seat.

For many, that’s the goal. To be able to sit during meditation in full lotus with total zen (which believe me is a noble and challenging feat). But for others, the seekers, it can be so much more than that.

I stumbled upon yoga about ten years ago. I didn’t know what I was looking for exactly but I wanted a movement practice that nourished me. The Vinyasa flow practice called to me because of its similarity to dance which I’d grown up doing for many years. And although, in the beginning, it was just about the movement, it evolved into so much more than that.

I knew that if I was experiencing all these benefits, I had to share it with my community.

I started my practice with Vinyasa flow and immediately noticed how good my body felt in this practice. Beyond that, I was happy to see my stress decreasing and an overall sense of well being. I realized that if I was experiencing this while practicing a few days a week there was sure to be more and I wanted to dive right in.

My first Bhakti yoga teacher, Sean Johnson

I started reading, researching, practicing daily and looking for more. As my practice grew and developed, it became less about the movement and more about the ritual, the awareness and the self exploration. Eventually I stumbled upon a studio in New Orleans, Louisiana that offered everything that I was searching for and more (if you ever find yourself in the Deep South check out Wild Lotus Yoga in Nola). It was about that time that I decided I wanted to teach yoga. I knew that if I was experiencing all these benefits, I had to share it with my community. And it just so happened that this new studio offered a yoga teacher training.

Meet Jodi de Boston, my fellow trainee and bhakta

So, I applied and got accepted. I’ve been practicing Bhakti yoga and teaching ever since. That training changed my life. I met some truly magical people and learned so much about myself through the process. I learned to make this balance of effort and ease a lifestyle and that the practice of loving devotion was the final piece to my puzzle. And now, I train others that are looking to teach.

No matter what it is you’re seeking: a spiritual practice, a physical practice, a community, an opportunity to explore yourself, yoga can do that for you. The asana practice is a wonderful place to start and provides the groundwork for any and everything you’re looking for.