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Note on assignments and teacher/student interaction

When you submit an assignment file, a page is generated for that file with a comment section where you and your teacher can provide each other feedback on the topic and assignment. Upon file submission, a link appears which you can click to open the page. Each file submission will be accompanied by a new page.

You can click on that link to leave feedback for your teacher or to read the feedback they have left for you. But, note that you are automatically subscribed to this comment section (whether you leave feedback or not), and will receive an email notification if your teacher comments. You may then reply directly from your email inbox, and don’t need to return to the comment section on the website. Replies made by email will not appear in the comment section.

When the course requires you to schedule a meeting with your teacher, you can do that from the call scheduler on this page.

Note on completing topics

Some topics with videos require the video to run to the very end before the “Complete” button will be enabled. Once the video has reached the end and stopped, the “Complete” button turns green and can be clicked.


Video Submission

Note on assignments and teacher/student interaction

To submit video

  1. Click WeTransfer button above
  2. You’re using the free version and you don’t need to sign up for anything
  3. In the “Add your files” box on the left, click the add (+) icon to upload your video file (max size 2 GB)
  4. In “Email to”:
  5. Enter your email address
  6. In the “Message” box, enter your name, and the title of the topic you are submitting homework for
  7. You will receive feedback on the assignment via email

When should I use WeTransfer

When you submit assignments on this site, there is a file size limit of 128 megabytes set by the host server, which is sufficient for most files. But videos can get rather large.

Therefore, please submit video files using WeTransfer, which will accept files up to 2 gigabytes in size. Once your video has been reviewed, you will receive feedback from your trainer via email.

Of course you have the option to submit videos (below the 128 MB limit) via the file upload element on the topic page where your assignment is, but if you have any trouble with it at all, we recommend using WeTransfer.

If you have any technical problems or questions, please contact

Call Scheduling

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