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I'm on the journey of finding myself
Gentle Flow

A Vinyasa-inspired movement practice. Perfect for beginners, a seasoned yogi, or someone returning after a hiatus. Explore the body through breathwork, pranayama, mindfulness, and controlled movements. Discover the softer side of your yoga practice while building strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

Trainer and group of people doing Low Lunge Forward position
Happy Hips

This class is focused on the hips, and you will learn the inner workings of the hip joint and how it can affect movement. The practices are a mixture of Vinyasa yoga, functional movements, CARS and personal exploration of your body. You will create awareness of the hip joint, and build strength and endurance.

Young sporty woman in Warrior Two pose, studio background
Power Flow

Inspired by Vinyasa and Bhakti yoga, these classes are for students who want to explore the ideas and traditions of the ancient yogis. We will guide you through breathwork, pranayama, meditations and a devotional practice to unlock any negative thoughts that could be holding you back from true bliss. The practices can be fast paced and physically demanding at times.

Young adult women practicing yoga in garland position
Vinyasa Flow

Our Vinyasa-style classes get your body moving and heart rate elevated. We also offer modifications that will ease you into shapes you may feel are inaccessible. You’ll build heat through pranayama and breathwork, while working on strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance of the body and mind.

Mudra gesture close up image
Yoga & Meditation

Varies from soft and gentle to fast-paced and more physically demanding. Our goal with this meditation is to help you create a mind-body connection that allows you to drop deeper into yourself.



This teacher training guided me to refine my identity. I had grown content inside my self-defined comfort zone and never thought to push the boundaries. I was hesitant to give myself credit for those qualities that I had to offer and through the training I found my confidence to appreciate my gifts not only as a wife and mother, but as an individual. I was a huge control freak and held the reins so tight it limited me. I have given myself permission to let go and know that while I may always be a recovering perfectionist, bumps in the road are a part of the learning process.

The tools I learned have become a lifestyle instead of just a weekly practice. My favorite part of the training was when the Instructors pushed me past any boundaries I had set for myself. Having to be vulnerable and show parts of myself that I kept hidden was a huge breakthrough in this process. I was able to enjoy the success of others and see them blossom.