Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Program (200-Hour Yoga Magic)

Flexible 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Our 200-hour hybrid yoga teacher training allows you to complete your coursework online and in our studio (in-person or virtually). Work at your own pace and stay on-track with the guidance of our certified mentors. Through our multidisciplinary yoga classes using Vinyasa and Bhakti practices, you will strengthen your understanding of yoga, as we cover:

  • Asana
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama practices
  • History, philosophy and mythology
  • Anatomy and alignment
  • How to sequence a class and weave a theme
  • How to schedule clients, best practices, obtaining new clients and setting up workshops

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training is structured in seven modules, which include readings, videos, audio files and a training manual. Each week, you will review the content with your mentor during our live zoom calls. After finishing your final practicum module, you will have the tools and skills to venture out into the world and teach.

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This teacher training guided me to refine my identity. I had grown content inside my self-defined comfort zone and never thought to push the boundaries. I was hesitant to give myself credit for those qualities that I had to offer and through the training I found my confidence to appreciate my gifts not only as a wife and mother, but as an individual. I was a huge control freak and held the reins so tight it limited me. I have given myself permission to let go and know that while I may always be a recovering perfectionist, bumps in the road are a part of the learning process.

The tools I learned have become a lifestyle instead of just a weekly practice. My favorite part of the training was when the Instructors pushed me past any boundaries I had set for myself. Having to be vulnerable and show parts of myself that I kept hidden was a huge breakthrough in this process. I was able to enjoy the success of others and see them blossom.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner, can I still take this course?
Absolutely. This course is designed to meet you where you are. It
is a great way to immerse yourself in the yoga practices.

Do I have to teach if I take this course?
You do not. Many people take the course to develop a deeper knowledge of the yoga practices. However, if you wish to receive a certificate, you will have to complete the practicum teaching requirement.

How long does the training take?
On average, our participants complete this training in 7-8 months. However, because it is self-paced, you may go more quickly or slowly as needed. It’s best to try and finish within a year.

Where can I teach once I receive my certificate?
Because we are a Registered Yoga School, you can teach at any studio, gym or fitness center that may want a Vinyasa Flow or Power Vinyasa teacher.