What to Expect Copy

Hybrid-Online 200 hour YTT

Trainers: Andie Chiasson, E-RYT & Sarah Zimmer, E-RYT

Contact info: shaktiyoga.academy@gmail.com

Welcome to the program!! We’re so excited to be taking this journey with you.

The following are the “big picture” objectives that we wish to accomplish through this program:

  • Have a basic understanding of the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Develop a consistent at-home yoga and meditation practice
  • Understand and apply practices of Bhakti yoga
    • Poetry
    • Music
    • Dharma talks
    • Heart connection
  • Learn in-depth the yoga poses and their benefits
  • Learn the basics of yogic breathing and the benefits
  • Learn the basics of meditation and its benefits
    • Develop a daily meditation practice
    • Be able to lead a centering meditation and savasana
  • Learn the language of yoga
  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of vinyasa sequencing
  • Learn to use your voice and be creative and authentic to yourself while still being clear, confident and professional
  • Learn the importance of props and how to use them
  • Learn how to modify poses for different abilities and body types
  • Understand modern and traditional yoga philosophies and how they apply to life practices
  • Feel comfortable taking the seat of a teacher
  • Be able to confidently teach a beginners and all-levels yoga class


This is a self-paced program, so you can move as quickly or as slowly through the curriculum as you need to. There are multiple training modules that are broken up into different objectives with associated recordings, documents and assignments. Our suggestion is that you take on one Module a month. However, you can work more quickly (or slowly) should you want to. Work carefully through the material and give yourself time to assimilate the information and put these techniques and methodologies into practice. In between modules you should meet with your mentor to discuss the material and get feedback on the various assignments . The contact hours with your mentor are required to meet the Yoga Alliance credentialing requirements. Your mentor will be asked to sign-off on your meetings in order to stay in compliance with the Yoga Alliance standards.


Training Manual

Use the provided training manual as a guide through the program. The information in your manual is just the tip of the iceberg and is meant to introduce you to the topics and philosophy behind the yogic practices. For more in-depth information we suggest you use additional resources as suggested in the media list.

Additional Required Texts:

  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga: A Handbook of Living Yoga Philosophy- Stuart Ray Sarbacker
  • Key Muscles of Yoga – Ray Long
  • Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow – Ray Long
  • Awakening Shakti – Sally Kempton

Additional Suggested reading or watching:

  • The Journey Home
  • Be Love Now
  • Joseph Campbell Power of Myth with Bill Moyers (on Netflix)
  • Meditation For the Love of It – Sally Kempton

Mentor Requirements:

In order to complete a Yoga Alliance recognized 200-hour teacher training, trainees are required to have in-person contact hours with a 200-HR Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher that currently teaches on a regular basis. The mentors must send us their contact information and complete an ambassador application and agreement as well as submit a copy of their YTT certificate or their Yoga Alliance credentials. Trainees must meet with their mentors on a regular basis (180 contact hours – honor system). Any additional cost required by the mentor for their time must be coordinated through the trainee. There are often options for work-study exchanges in lieu of monetary payment but please be respectful and honor your mentors time.

Monthly Meetings:

We will set up a monthly zoom meeting so we can connect with each of you. This is there so we can touch base and offer support as you go through this journey. You will need to set up a zoom login and password if you would like to participate. We will email the link so you will know when the meeting will be. We will also try to make it around the same time every month to stay consistent.

** This program is non-refundable and non-transferable